Information Technology Services


Service Overview

At Campbell & Associates, Inc., we have a vast knowledge of the issues facing the financial services industry based on our experiences with reviewing various size institutions.

Our experts can help identify the areas of your business where we can optimize your information risk, and offer solutions to manage the information risk for your organization.

Benefits to you?
  • Devise customized solutions to help our clients keep pace in an ever-changing IT environment
  • A risk-based focus that satisfies regulatory requirements and expectations

Information Technology Services

As financial institutions are becoming increasingly dependent on more complex computer systems and networks, including the Internet, information risk management and network security have become issues of vital concern to senior management, customers and regulatory agencies.

Campbell & Associates, Inc. can help clients assess, monitor and manage the risks associated with operating critical business information systems, Internet connectivity and networks.  Using FFIEC Examination Guidelines, we work to identify and quantify clients’ risks, and then propose specific risk mitigation solutions.  We focus on emerging issues such as electronic commerce, Internet connections, wireless technology and other ever-changing technologies and related regulatory requirements.  Our Information Technology Services are focused on improving your information risk posture through assurance, consulting and outsourcing services.  We concentrate not only on the technical aspects of data processing, but also view data processing applications from the business user’s perspective.

Campbell & Associates, Inc. can identify the information systems controls that are necessary from a user’s viewpoint and specified as required by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and other regulatory guidance, yet still practical and cost beneficial from management’s perspective.

Our formal reports are presented from the user’s perspective in non-technical language.

We perform general control reviews and application testing for both outsourced service bureau relationships as well as in-house systems, which provide business information to hundreds of users on a variety of platforms.  Typically, we review general controls over management and implementation of microcomputers, Internet connectivity and usage, information networks, mainframe and microcomputer environments, information security practices, EFT (including wire transfers and ACH processing), and other emerging technologies.

Our services include:
  • IT general and application controls reviews
  • Network security risk posture analysis
  • Information Security Program development and GLBA review
  • Assistance with security technology selection
  • IS internal audit outsourcing
  • Regulatory reviews
  • Computer audit and security training
  • Business Continuity Plan evaluations
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