Loan/Credit Quality Review Services


Loan/Credit Quality Reviews

Campbell & Associates, Inc. offers loan/credit quality reviews including risk grading of commercial loans (including real estate, commercial, and agricultural) and retail/consumer loans (including residential mortgage, home equity and credit card loans, direct and indirect installment); evaluations of credit administration processes, including loan approval, underwriting, monitoring and problem loan management, credit and collateral documentation testing; and compliance with applicable regulations including the Interagency Statements regarding real estate lending and appraisals.

Benefits to you?

  • Provides an independent evaluation of loan portfolio management effectiveness
  • Improves consistency and quality of risk ratings
  • Satisfies regulatory requirements and expectations

Due Diligence Reviews

To clients acquiring loan pools or to assist in merger and acquisition analysis, we offer a review of credit quality, lending policies and procedures and the overall lending function of the purchase candidate.  We also can provide “reverse due diligence” services to the seller.

Benefits to you?

  • The buyer and seller receive an independent assessment of the integrity of the assets
  • Reduce risk by providing a comprehensive review by highly experienced analysts

Loan Documentation Review

Campbell & Associates, Inc. performs documentation reviews of selected loan files to identify deficiencies in the loan closing and quality control functions, or in the accuracy of existing documentation reporting systems.  Items tested can include credit information at the time of underwriting and throughout the life of the loan, as well as legal documentation of lien perfection and proper document execution.

Benefits to you?

  • Provides management with a detailed listing of individual deficiencies found in documentation files.
  • Verification of the accuracy of management reporting systems.

Credit Administration Review

Based on the years of lending and loan review experience of our personnel, we offer an independent evaluation of credit administration areas including the loan approval process; loan underwriting and repayment analysis; loan structuring; loan monitoring and servicing; and problem loan identification, reporting, and management.

Benefits to you?

  • Provides an independent evaluation of the completeness and soundness of these critical lending functions.

Policy/Procedure Manuals Evaluation

Clients opening new banks, consolidating charters, or adding new products can benefit from our experience in the review of lending policies and procedures.

Benefits to you?

  • Provides our vast experience working with commercial and consumer lending operations in various size institutions.
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